11 Tips for Handling Finances

Entering the world of adulthood also means handling finances. It’s not easy to deal with all those bills, taxes, and stuff. What’s a retirement fund? Should I make an emergency fund? How do I keep any money for the stuff I want? How am I supposed to handle all that with my paycheck?

I met some financial experts and simply asked are there any universal rules on handling finances. It turned out that there are not only universal rules, but also confirmed guidelines for getting finances under control in the best way.

This beginner’s guide consists of 11 exact steps which I share with you below.

1. Write down your goals

writing a list

This is the first rule of financial stability and prosperity.  Take your time and be patient. Know your priorities and make a list of your financial goals. Write it down, visualize your goals, and make a serious plan. Think of all the things you need money for -from your monthly bills to a dream vacation. Don’t forget to make an account for emergencies