The Evolution of New York City’s Grand Central Station

New York City’s Grand Central station has had a stunning evolution over the last 50 years. It is one of the nation’s most cherished transit hubs. The station is not only architecturally stunning but also heavily used by the region. More than 750,000 subway and train commuters pass through its halls every day.

While the city recognizes Grand Central as a historic landmark today, that wasn’t true several decades ago. In the mid-1970s, developers sought to partially demolish the complex and build a 53-story office tower on top.

40th Anniversary

enterance to the station

June 26 marked the 40th anniversary of a monumental Supreme Court decision that saved and helped preserve Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan. In 1913, Grand Central opened to the public, after 10 years of construction and at a cost of over $2 billion in today’s dollars.